Permanent Roles:

My professional fees are competitive, and are not based on a fixed percentage but are geared to the level of work and time required.

From that it is clear that work completed through pure access to my network is at a reduced level of fees to that payable where a full executive search is undertaken.

The above would be discussed and agreed at the outset with the Client in advance.

Proactive Introduction:

If working closely with a Client I come across an individual who I feel could be of interest, in submitting their CV, which will only be with the candidate’s permission, my terms and conditions will be attached to the documentation.

Interim Roles:

Whilst I do not claim exclusivity over a fairly large network of senior financial interims, I am in touch with a number of highly skilled individuals drawn from most industries.  Normally these individuals are self-employed and are normally paid directly by the Client. My fees however are agreed in advance, based on the time worked by the individual, and are billed directly to the Client on the basis agreed in advance.

Non Executive Directors:

This is not an area in which I am very active, although I come across a number of highly credible senior finance people interested in such roles. If I can be of assistance in this area, a fee can be agreed in advance.