As I believe that advertised selection, through whatever media is not a cost effective resourcing solution, all work undertaken is carried out under a general heading of Executive Search.

Bearing in mind my contacts go back over thirty years, in most cases an interrogation of these contacts can be highly successful, cost effective and time saving and can avoid a full executive search.

Should this approach not be fully successful, work would continue on the requirement, drawing in recommendations from second tier contacts, but at the same time, with the Clients’ permission move to a full executive search.


My philosophy to recruitment is straight forward, free of complex jargon, and never for moment assumes that there is a standard approach that fits all scenarios.

As I recognise that each assignment is different, I do not offer a standard recruitment approach, but one that is individually tailored to provide a solution which is most cost effective and will at the same time reach the desired conclusion as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

If at the outset it is clear that a full executive search is necessary, then I have the experience and breadth of support to fully support this approach. However, if it would appear initially that a full executive search is not necessary, I would normally advocate an initial approach that would rely heavily on my contact/people network and databases established and maintained over 30 years, which have often proved to be highly successful and avoided the considerable time and cost of moving to a full executive search.


There are numerous advantages to using my company, but include:

  • You are dealing directly with me
  • I have 30 years of experience in senior financial recruitment.
  • I have experience of working at a senior international level in finance in the UK and Internationally.
  • I will only undertake assignments that I have the ability to complete and make that commitment.
  • I have a very close to 100 per cent completion track record, and will work on the assignment until it is complete.
  • All professional fees are agreed in advance.
  • As a smaller company I have fewer off limits to many organisations.
  • I am able to get off the mark quickly, and can often reach a shortlist stage without going into a full executive search mode, therefore saving time and money.